Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Actuators (6)
Terminal Box & Junction Box (8)
lighting fixture (1)
Switchgears (4)
Control Station (4)

Enclosures material:

copper free aluminum alloy

Type of Protection:

        Gas: Ex  d  llB T4-T5

        Dust : Ex  IIIc 80 oC to T  135 oC

Degree of protection:

IP 65

Color:Epoxy – Polyester ,RAL 7032 for body and RAL 7016 for lid

Components can be mounted into enclosures:

Bus-bars, Terminals, instrument and protective Transforms, Circuit Breaker

apparatus (Switches, Contactors, fuses, relays, etc . ), capacitors with

discharge resistor for t<  s, Electronic components, Apparatus for control

units such as switches, pushbuttons.

Accessories specifications:

Signaling devices:

     Signal lamps in red, green and yellow


     Spring return push button in green (start)and (stop)

     Mushroom head stay put emergency stop push button

     Rotary handle for MCCB, MCB and Selector switches


     Type 1: Size M25 x 1.5,45A

Type 2:Size M32 x 1.5,60A

Type 3:Size M50 x 1.5,120A


Type 1: 5Poles, L < 350A

Type 1: 8Poles, 350 < L < 350A